Chicago's City Wide Clean & Green

Posted: 4/4/2013

     It's the time of year when nature is renewed, daylight lasts longer, green buds pop on tree branches, flowers bloom, birds sing and the warmer temperatures get everyone excited. That said; keeping Chicago beautiful doesn't happen by itself. It requires good neighbors who are willing to go above and beyond their own property-line; working as a team to clean neighborhood streets and alleys.
Chicago's City-wide Clean & Green will take place on Saturday April 20, 2013.

     For decades, concerned residents like you volunteer to remove trash & graffiti, plant trees & gardens, paint murals & recycle. Few things build stronger neighborhood relations more than the time and effort spent working together in beautifying the place we call home.
     So why not organize a group on your block? To register all you have to do is call
 3-1-1. Sign-up and get actively involved in making your surroundings look and feel better.
     The City will supply you and your local group with brooms, rakes, shovels and bags, but you must register by April 12th. You can advertise the event by using this Block Club Template If you take the lead, others on your block will follow. This is the ideal time to set a good example by recruiting the kids on your street to help out. It is an opportunity to learn their names and demonstrate social responsibility. Young people who have a quality Clean & Green experience are more likely to see the value of giving back to their communities than others who don't.
     Please consider bringing the Clean & Green experience to your area. It is a rewarding occasion to boost neighborhood pride and even plan a Summer Block Party!