New Chicago City Vehicle Stickers on Sale Now

Posted: 5/23/2013

New Chicago City Vehicle Stickers On Sale Now!
CHICAGO, IL (May 22, 2013) - Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza announced today the official start of the 2013-2014 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales season.
New Chicago City Vehicle Stickers are available for purchase at and at all in-person sales locations. Staff members are already processing transactions, Clerk Mendoza said.
"We're proud to roll out the 2013-2014 Chicago City Vehicle Sticker sales season almost two weeks before the traditional June 1 start date. All our systems are up and running. There are more than 1.3 million renewal forms now in the postal system and you should expect to find a renewal form in your mailbox in the coming days," she said.
Prices have not changed. All seniors 65-years-old and older also qualify for their senior discount, as they have in years past, Clerk Mendoza said.
There is one major difference between this year and previous sales seasons: This year, residents should bring their renewal form with them when they purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker in person at a Chicago City Clerk Office or other in person sales locations, Clerk Mendoza said.
That's because the renewal form includes VIN data - or Vehicle Identification Number data - a requirement for completing your transaction. You can also bring one of three other approved forms of VIN documentation to make an in-person purchase. Accepted forms of approved VIN documentation - in addition to the renewal form - include vehicle registration, insurance card displaying VIN or vehicle title.
"For the first time ever, we are using VIN data to match you to your vehicle. This is an anti-fraud measure and it will help us ensure we have the most accurate data at our disposal to better serve you. It will also allow us to assign your new renewal month once our Office implements Year-Round Sales in 2014," Clerk Mendoza said.
This year's sales season marks the last time residents will purchase Chicago City Vehicle Stickers from June-to-June. Year-Round Sales are set to begin in June 2014.
"We're taking this opportunity to remind residents that a much better customer service experience is on the way because we're changing the way they do business with the Office of the Chicago City Clerk. The seasonal rush system was put in place more than 100 years ago and I think we all will be happy to see it go. Today marks another step as we transition in 2014 to an efficient, year-round system that operates much like the one used by the Illinois Secretary of State," Clerk Mendoza said.
As for the current 2013-2014 Chicago City Vehicle Stickers, residents have a number of purchase options available to them: Online transactions can be completed via the Clerk's EZ>BUY system at
Residents can complete mailed renewal forms and return them via the US Postal Service upon receipt. Chicago City Clerk Offices, Department of Finance Offices and more than 450 community vendors, are ready to help customers complete their Chicago City Vehicle Sticker purchase.
Stickers are valid upon purchase and they can be displayed on your vehicle's windshield immediately. The 2012-2013 Chicago City Vehicle Stickers expire June 30, but the Chicago City Clerk's Office will again provide a grace period of two weeks.
To avoid late fees, residents must purchase and display their Chicago City Vehicle Stickers by July 15.

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