New Webinar Beat Meeting

Posted: 5/23/2013

The 16th District will be hosting a New Webinar Beat Meeting on
Thursday, May 30th 6:00 PM-6:30 PM

The Webinar Beat Meeting will be on Garage Burglary Prevention.
Details: Register on line in ClearPath before May 30th, read instructions. Please share your ideas with us on Garage Burglary Prevention.
Contact Details: 016th District Community Policing 312-742-4521

16th District CAPS

ClearPath On Line Meeting Instructions.


  1. Go to Chicago Police. In the upper right hand corner, click "register".
  2. Enter three required fields (1st name, last name, login name).
  3. Click "check availability".
  4. If the login name is available continue filling in other required fields. If the login name is not available try a different name.
  5. After completing fields, continue to bottom of page and click "accept".
  6. Click on "Close Window"
  7. You should now be back on the Clear Path homepage.
  8. In the upper right hand corner click on "login" using the logon name and password that you just created.
  9. You should now be logged in, and you will see your name listed on the left side about three inches down on the page.
  10. On the same line as your name go to the far right and hover over "Online services". Then go down and click on "Clearmeeting".
  11. On this page, on the left side about two inches down, click on "Login".
  12. Enter your name and password, then click "Login"..
  13. A calendar should then appear. Click on the virtual meeting that you would like to attend.
  14. Click "join". You should now be in the meeting room.
  15. From this point on when you want to join a meeting, just go to the ClearPath page and start from #8.