City Dog Registration

Registration of your dog can be done online on the City Clerk's Website, , at any of the City Clerk's 3 office locations or a registration packet can be mailed by calling 312-744-DOGS (3647).
City dog registration  helps reunite owners with their pet should the dog stray away from the owner. Chicago's dog registration tag is a simple sticker that is adhered to the back of the rabies vaccination tag.  The sticker contains the unique dog registration number as well as the phone number for the City Clerk's missing dog and registration hotline, 312-744-3647.
Registration is $5 for neutered or spayed dogs or $2.50 for sterilized dogs with a Chicago owner over age 65.  Unsterilized dogs are $50 to register or $5 if the owner is age 65 or older.  City dog registrations are available in 1 or 3 year increments, with the expiration date coinciding with the rabies expiration.
Fines for not registering a dog range from $30 to $200.
The City Clerk's office locations are-
121 N. LaSalle, Room 107
5430 W. Gale St.
5674 S. Archer Ave.